Body Image vs Body Confidence


Imagine how much energy can be freed up in the service of worthy pursuits if you swapped worrying over your body-image for cultivating body-confidence.

In our culture, we focus on creating a positive body-image, as if an image has any power. No one’s body-image has ever accomplished anything. Body image is a passive object, it is never a subject of the story. An image has no inside and no volition, it cannot do or experience anything. It cannot mature or evolve, it doesn’t die. An image is not an agent of life.

Your body is an agent of life, the life you create.

Body confidence, on the other hand, is a conscious acknowledgment of what you choose to DO with your body in light of living by your values. Body confidence is based on action, on substance and on DEPTH. What your body looks like matters ONLY in that context.

Do you prefer to inhabit your body with vigor, use it functionally, care for it, love it, and harness it in the service to your purpose?
Then every time you look in the mirror, you will be bursting with confidence, admiration, and gratitude for what you see and feel, because you’ll see and feel pure substance in every feature, reflected in its functional form.

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